Today in our readings we hear all about riches that is the riches that we get when we follow the way of God. Not the riches that we may find as a result of our human endeavours. When I think of the various things in my life  I often think that to have a bit more money or whatever would be great the truth is that if we have food  on the table and enough money to pay our way that is enough . But then I also have family, friends and faith and these are treasure indeed. Why does Jesus call his disciples to “sell all” for the treasure of his kingdom? Treasure has a special connection to the heart, the place of desire and longing, the place of will and focus. There is a lovely saying that where your heart is your treasure should be. The Lord himself is the greatest treasure we can have.  Selling all that we have could mean many different things – letting go of attachments, friendships, influences, jobs, entertainments, styles of life – really anything that might stand in the way of our loving God first and foremost in our lives and giving him the best we can with our time, resources, gifts, and service. Those who are generous towards God and towards their neighbour find that they cannot out give God in his generosity towards us.

God blesses us with the priceless treasures of his kingdom – freedom from fear and the griping power of sin, selfishness and pride which block his love and grace in our lives; freedom from loneliness, isolation and rejection which keep his children from living together in love, peace, and unity; and freedom from hopelessness, despair, and disillusionment which blind our vision of God’s power to heal every hurt, bind every wound, and remove every blemish which mar the image of God within us.

God offers us treasure which money cannot buy. He alone can truly satisfy the deepest longing and desires of our hearts.  In this the Year of Faith which began last Thursday we are called to renewal 50 years after the second Vatican council. The council, which began in October 1962, was under the guidance of Pope John 23rd and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The council spoke of letting the light into the Church. As a result of this council many things were renewed within the Church and its structures and today we thank God for being where we are. But the renewal that was begun 50 years ago continues in this present age as the Church is called to renew herself in each and every generation, as she reminds the generations that the faith that we have is handed down to us from Jesus through the apostles is ever old but always new. 

 So then  let us continue on our pilgrim journey of faith  as we seek the priceless treasures of his kingdom of god in the months ahead as the year of faith as its opportunities for renewal unfold before us.




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  1. Well said, Tony.

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