This weekend we celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday and the readings especially the Gospel are about Jesus the Good Shepherd. It is also the day when we are requested to pray for vocations to the Priesthood and religious life. Over the past 5 weeks we have been in lockdown with little or nothing happening as a result of  COVID19 with the result that all of us wondering when the lockdown will end and it will end but when that will happen is a question that none of us can really answer at this time.  The idea of Jesus as the Good Shepherd is a lovely thought especially in our current pandemic because it is a well known fact that the shepherd never leaves his sheep outside the sheepfold. If any are outside the sheepfold the shepherd will seek the lost sheep at all costs until they are found. In the same way for us Jesus will seek us out and help us to find our way back into the sheepfold of the faith. In the Old Testament, the shepherd was a metaphor for the leaders of the  people of God.

Most often those leaders failed in their responsibilities and many were corrupt. God excoriates the incompetent and sinful leaders who were appointed to shepherd the people which they did not do. With the failures of the leaders of the people, God decided to take on the shepherding role. “For thus says the Lord: I myself will look after and tend my sheep. (Ezekiel 34:11). In today’s gospel Jesus likens Israel’s corrupt shepherds to the “hired man” who has no real interest in the sheep who deserts them when danger approaches, leaving them in peril. The hired shepherd may leave the sheep behind but Jesus the Good shepherd the Son of the Father does not leave his sheep.  One of the most comforting of the Psalms which is also a hymn begins with the line: “The Lord is my shepherd.” It ends with this line: “Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. “Goodness and mercy, in the person of Jesus the good Shepherd are with us even now in these most difficult of times. The Gospel of the Good Shepherd teaches us how to embrace the gift of redemption by hearing and recognizing the voice of the Good Shepherd.

There are numerous voices calling us to believe and to practice things that might seem nice, but those voices are not of or from the Lord. We need to tune our ears and hearts into recognizing the voice of truth that comes from Jesus, the Good Shepherd. We are his people the sheep of his flock and that means that we are people who are able to recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd and to follow him faithfully. So In these days of uncertainty we remember  Jesus  the Good Shepherd and we know that he is with us to help us to get through the current COVID19 crisis.

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