In our gospel reading for this Sunday we hear Jesus asking the disciples in the midst of the storm, Why are you so frightened and why do you have so little faith. He could be saying the same thing to us today. The context of this passage is the calming of the storm when Jesus rebuked the wind and said to the sea, ‘Quiet now! Be calm!’ And he says the same to us now in all our trials ‘Quiet now! Be calm! For many of us these days we are frightening with the various events that are ongoing throughout the world with so many people having little or no faith in god or anything else of lasting value.

Amongst all the hurt and devastation in the storms of life Jesus gives us peace in the storm of sadness and sorrow. When that storm comes he reminds us of the glory of the life to come. He tells us that there are many rooms in our Father’s house (Jn 14:2), and that he has gone ahead to prepare a place for us (Jn 14:2-3). He changes the darkness into the sunshine of everlasting life, and replaces our distress with comfort and peace.

Jesus gives us peace in the middle of our personal and family problems, when we don’t know either the best way forward or the best way out. At such a crossroads of life, we can ask him, ‘Lord, what road should I take?’ The best way may then become so much clearer, and bring us calmness and peace of mind as well in the knowledge of a decision well made.

Jesus gives us peace in the storm of anxiety. The chief enemy of peace is worry – worry about ourselves, worry about those we love, worry about our world, worry about our church community, and worry about the future.

 We have so many things to occupy our minds these days but if we remember that Jesus is with us in the good and bad times as a  gentle calming presence  we will get through the storms of life that affect all of us from time to time.


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