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This weekend we celebrate the fourth Sunday of Lent and this is also known as “Laetare Sunday” since its mood and theme is one of hope and rejoicing that Easter is near.  So what is the cause for rejoicing? The opening prayer offers an important clue. We pray to God as “[you] who through your Word reconcile the human race to yourself in a wonderful way.” it then goes on to say that  we pray, that with prompt devotion and eager faith the Christian people may hasten toward the solemn celebrations to come on palm Sunday and Holy Week

The Gospel reading from John tells us that a person is condemned because that  individual “has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.” God has no desire to condemn, but people condemn themselves by putting God and the ideals of faith out of their lives. Over many centuries many people have said there is no  god. There are so many people out there in our so called modern world  who have turned out the light of faith in their lives permanently for many reasons.  I know people of all ages who have been brought up in the Christian Faith and then have left it all behind .

At the end of the Gospel we are told that Jesus the Light came into the world, but the people preferred darkness to light, because some of the things that they had done and were doing were evil.

For everyone who does wicked things hate the light because the light shows up what they were doing. Jesus was sent by God; light in the darkness of our daily lives and living. At the Easter Vigil we proclaim the risen Lord as Christ our Light and we celebrate with joy. We are invited to celebrate this Sunday with joy, because we have been invited through baptism and confirmation to live in the light of Christ and to act accordingly

We also pray for those adults in the RCIA process who will take up the light of Christ for the first time when they are baptized at the Easter Vigil.  may they be a light to those around them as they come to the joy of baptism and confirmation. We also remember and pray for all those who have left the faith and extinguished the light of faith in their lives and we pray that they may reignite the faith in their lives by seeing the good example of those around them.



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