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The readings for this Sunday are all about the call to get up and go. That is to get up and leave family friends and go out to the world to proclaim the good news of Jesus as told to us in the old and new testaments. Of course in today’s world the church and faith in general mean a lot less in people’s eyes and many tell you that the faith they had that is faith in God has got up and gone and for a great number that was a long time ago!! So many have placed their trust in the worldly things whilst leaving the lasting things that is things of God behind.  The big question for the Churches is how do we reconnect with our people especially with those who have left for whatever reason, but that is a question that is for another time but it is also worth thinking about.

The  second reading for this Sunday tells us that though we live in the world and are of the world we need to remember that all of us  who have to deal with and live in the world should not become engrossed in it as the worldly life has often taken  people down the wrong road and that road  leads one  away from a god and his ways.  Our gospel reading tells us about Jesus calling the first disciples they respond immediately to Jesus’ summons they don’t waver and think should we do this as they are taken away abruptly from their daily work of fishing.

The call of Jesus is irresistible and many people have found this to be so true over the generations who have taken up the Call of Jesus in their lives as Christians. We learn the names of the first four disciples, the brothers Simon and Andrew, and the brothers James and John. They abandon both their work, and their family ties. Something momentous is happening in their lives and they see the Call of Jesus as just that, a momentous event that they cannot ignore. It was amid the preoccupations of each day that the Lord calls his disciples, and calls them by name. It is also true for each of us that amid the preoccupations of our time and place within the world that many people are called by the Lord to be fishers of men.

Christ saw something in Simon James Andrew and John that led Him to entrust them with carrying out His mission and building His Church when he called them to be fishers of Men. Each person had their unique role to play in that process at the beginning, just as each of us have a unique role and job to do today.  We too are fishers of men by what we do and what we say. One person doesn’t do it all, but that small part that we play is as important as the person who has the big headline role.

So the question to be asked of each of us is are we prepared to take up the call to be fishers of men where we are? Being fishers of men does not necessarily mean that we leave our families and our lives behind though many take up this part of the challenge as priests or religious serving gods people in that particular way. As followers of Jesus the challenge for us is to be an example of faith in all we do and say and as a result of this we will be fishers of men because people out there will see how we live our lives and will want to follow us to see where we have come from and where we are going and when we get there all of us will find the lasting things of great value that are the things of God and his Church.


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