2ND SUNDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS Or The Feast of the Epiphany

The three kings

Well here we are with the Christmas and New Year festivities of now a distant memory, and I am certain many people  out there are asking themselves the time honoured question  why did I make such a fuss!!!  So many make such a fuss about  the secular part of Christmas and as a result they may have missed and are missing the essential message of the season.  The message is that Jesus Emmanuel was born in the stable in Bethlehem at Christmas and  that is the reason for the season. Some places the feast of the Epiphany is celebrated on this Sunday so we reflect on the three wise men.

In the gospel reading for this feast the Magi or the Wise men represent the “mystery” made manifest in concrete human beings. By their very nature they are seekers, people who came looking for the “king of the Jews.” Where would they find this royal child? Not in the courts of the powerful, like Herod. He was an example of how those in power would react to the gentle one who would draw all people into his realm.

Jesus was not born in a mighty city, nor was he an heir to a powerful ruler. Instead, he was born  in Bethlehem, a backwater in the eyes of those of Herod’s court and the religious leaders in Jerusalem. Through the “least,” and the poor, Christ comes to us. That’s a lesson the church needs to continually learn and proclaim. We, like the Magi, will find Christ among the “least.” and this is the message, the humble message that lies at the heart of our faith It is the message that Pope Francis is proclaiming in our own time and place.

Today, the call of the Saviour is extended to each of us. What do we hear? With what gifts will we welcome him? Will we be humble enough to believe in visions and prophecies, and daring enough to work toward their fulfillment? Will we believe? With God’s grace, we  that is all of us together can do all these things for nothing is impossible for those who have faith.


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