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On Thursday January 1st we celebrate the feast of the Mary the mother of God It is also the beginning of the New Year. We pray in a special on this day way for Peace in a world that seems to be always at war with itself. Pope Francis speaks in his message for this day of being brothers and sisters instead of slaves; the message is worth reading and can be found on the Vatican website. In the West we celebrate January 1 as the inaugural day marking the beginning of the civil year. The faithful are also involved in the celebrations for the beginning of the New Year and exchange “new year” greetings. However,  while we exchange the new year greetings with each other we should try to lend a Christian understanding to this custom making of these greetings an expression faith in that regard there is no better teacher of faith than Mary the Mother of Jesus. Mary teaches us that being a disciple of Jesus is a matter of the heart: contemplating Jesus and allowing his presence to transform the thoughts, words and actions of our lives.    On New Year’s eve in our parish we have a holy hour at 11pm concluding with the first Mass of the new Year at midnight as the fireworks go off and the  Church bells ring in the areas around us.

On this feast we ask a special favor of Mary our mother and intercessor:  that the love we have for Jesus her son will Grow in our hearts and lives!  As We thank God for all that has been over the last year we pray  through the intercession of Mary mother of the Church that God  will be present with us in the good bad, happy and sad times we might encounter in the year that is ahead .



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