Well here we are at the beginning of August its seems no time since the schools closed for the long summer break at the end of June and yet here we are halfway through the holidays!! It will be no time until the new uniforms etc will have to be bought and the schools will reopen at the beginning of September and the summer holidays for 2014 will be a distant but hopefully a  good memory.

In our Gospel story for this Sunday we hear about the feeding of the five thousand. The gestures and words of Jesus in the Gospel bring to mind the Last Supper The Gospel writer is making clear references in this miracle story to the Eucharist.

The people in this story are a crowd that realize Jesus had something to offer them in their “deserted places.” Jesus wasn’t just filling their stomachs. They were not the rich, the famous, the educated or the powerful; they were the afflicted and the marginalized people that Jesus went out of his way to seek out.  Life may have passed them by, but Jesus didn’t.  He took note of them, and they in turn saw in him a place to be nourished, a place where deep hungers and longings would be fulfilled.

The physical bread of the miracle story was of temporary value. It could not satisfy deeper spiritual hungers, but it was a sign that Jesus can and that his heart is moved with pity for us. Notice how he handled the food with reverence, the same reverence he felt for the crowd whom he knew were the beloved of God. The sign for us today  is that we too are the beloved of God and we will not be left hungry or alone for God is with us in the good and bad and happy and sad things that are part and parcel  of our daily life.




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