4th Sunday of Lent


jesus heals the blind man


Well here we are at the midpoint of Lent, Hopefully the things that we have given up or perhaps taken up have not been as stressful as we thought. Many people young and old  have given up things such as sweets, a glass of wine or perhaps their favorite food or drink items whatever they are, they might then pass on the money saved as Lenten Alms. Or maybe people have taken up doing things such as going to the early Mass (7.30am in our parish) or the Lenten devotions and prayers or whatever spiritual retreats or events that are out there for everyone. All in all Lent is a time for giving things up that might not be as good as we think it is also a time for taking up other more meaningful things. Things that lead us out of the darkness into the light of Christ.

Two weeks ago in the readings we were told to ‘Listen up!’ This week, the readings tell us to get rid of the darkness, and to learn to see things good and bad as God sees them or at least to try and see things as God Sees them. There are so many dark places in our lives where we need to shine a light and there are many people who have turned out the light of faith in their lives permanently for many reasons.

Many people are blind just because they simply don’t want to open their eyes to look around them and see the many things that abound in our modern world that run against what we are meant to be as Christians that is followers of Christ. There are so many things that really destroy the light of faith in our lives such as abortion and euthanasia to name but two and there are so many other things besides these that extinguish the light of faith. The light of Christ  is about letting god work through us and as a result being the light in the darkness of life and living  for others.

If we are to really see clearly, we need to let Jesus heal us of our blindness  and open our eyes as He did the man born blind in this weekend’s Gospel. Even though Jesus was right in front of him, the blind man couldn’t see Him until Jesus removed the scales from his eyes, and restored his sight. Only later, after much harassing from the narrow-minded Pharisees, was he able to really see spiritually, and to see Jesus as the Son of God. It was all possible when he saw through the “lens” of the Holy Spirit. We can be like that in so many ways We are invited to celebrate this Sunday with joy, because through our baptism and confirmation we have been invited to live in the light and to act with the power of that light. We also pray for those adults who will take up the light of Christ for the first time when they are baptized at the Easter Vigil may they be a light to those around them as they come to the joy of baptism and confirmation.


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