2nd Sunday of Lent


Well here we are at the 2nd Sunday of Lent, as we continue our journey along the road that leads to Holy Week and Easter. In the Gospel, we get further advice for the journey. On the mountain, Peter, James, and John will catch a glimpse of the glory of God. As they approach the summit, the three suddenly notice a change in the garments Jesus is wearing. They become dazzlingly white. The disciples then see two famous figures appear. They recognize Moses the Lawgiver, and Elijah the Prophet. They are both discussing something with Jesus. Then their joy is turned to fear when suddenly a cloud comes between them and the sun, and a Voice thunders out, “This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him!” As the disciples fall to the ground, Jesus calms them and tells them not to be afraid. The glory has faded and they proceed down the mountain. On their spiritual journey, they are to focus on listening.

 What does all this mean for us on our spiritual journey? If we’re really serious about Lent, we’ll take the Transfiguration experience as Jesus intended. As He taught a lesson in patience and hope to Peter, James, and John, so He teaches us to listen and wait, to listen intently to Jesus and His message. We have the advantage of knowing and believing in the Resurrection. In our Lenten journey this week, we remember Jesus transfigured on the mountain–and listen! Whether it’s daily Mass, a Holy Hour, private prayer or work, may we keep in mind that God and the community around us provide us with encouragement and strength to continue in faith


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