Well here we are at the 8th Sunday of ordinary time as we face into the season of Lent with all the opportunities it provides for us on the spiritual front.  Lent means many things Ashes, Fasting, and may be even Fish on Fridays. These and many more things come to mind as we begin this important  40 day period of preparation in the Church year  as we head towards Holy Week and the great feast of Easter. Though the Church requires fasting and abstinence, these are not the most important things about Lent. Fasting and abstinence are no help to us unless they move us to deeper prayer; bring us to a deeper commitment to the most important truths about our life in faith: baptism, forgiveness of sins and a share in the Resurrection through conversion of heart and mind.

The readings for this Sunday are about three questions that are ultimately responsible for our general attitude as we live our daily lives.  Who has not felt forgotten by the Lord?  Who has not felt judged prematurely by others?  Who has not worried about having the basics of everyday life?  These are common and reoccurring feelings that we all experience throughout our lives. Sometimes these feelings are deeper or stronger than at other times, but they still get to people whenever they feel most unsure or vulnerable about something that they consider important at that particular time. We find ourselves at different places in our lives at different times and different feelings  good and bad certainly come and go.  God is always there though: God does not come and go he remains the same as he was as he is and as he will be in the future the alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end.  “Can any of us add a single moment to our life-span by worrying?”  No, we can’t!  The only thing we can do is trust that the Lord is in control of our lives journey and we are in control of how we spend the time that he gives us and hopefully we use the time  wisely. During Lent we are called to a period of renewal that is renewal of heart, mind, body and more importantly renewal of our souls. This time of renewal should bring us to a deeper commitment to the most important truths about our life in faith. Let us  Open our mind and hearts to the presence of God in our lives and our daily living and not be afraid to embrace the opportunities for us to grow in the Faith of Christ who is the light of the world during the season of lent.



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