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This weekend we celebrate World Mission Sunday. Mission Sunday celebrates the great missionary spirit that has brought the faith to all corners of the world over so many years. Mission Sunday  is a particular  Sunday set aside by the Church for the public and annual renewal of our commitment to missionary activities and was instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1926 a  the day of prayer and promotion of mission. Therefore, today we are asked to join our hands and hearts in continual prayer for the success of missionary activities throughout the world. The various missionary activities and organizations that promote mission encourage us never to lose heart in order that Missio dei (God’s mission) may be sustained, and all peoples come to know the salvation of our Lord and God. The theme for the 2013 celebration of World Mission  Sunday is Growing in Faith and that is what we should be about from the start of our lives right until the end. Growing together in faith is a good theme for this celebration as we are coming the end of the Year of Faith. This Sunday we remember all those who have gone into the mission fields members of the religious orders such as the Columbans, Mill Hill Fathers, Dominicans, the Medical Missionaries of Mary and there are so many other religious orders who along with the Lay Missionary who have brought Christ and his message to the far flung corners of the world. We must earnestly pray to the Lord of the harvest for the strength to persevere in our missionary activities. In a special way, we commend our brothers and sisters who are often engaged in extremely difficult missions all over the world May they find the strength to carry on in spite of all odds.

We also pray for Christians all over the world, that the Spirit of Jesus Christ and the Apostles, the first missionaries may spur and encourage us to succeed in our various missionary apostolates whether they are in the countries where we live or abroad.




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