Well here we are at the 27th Sunday in ordinary time and our scripture readings are all about FAITH. In the Gospel Reading Jesus says that if you have faith even as big as a wee mustard seed, and that is so very very small, you could command trees and they would obey you. Faith is often described as believing in what is not seen.  Faith is a sort of catch-all for what we lack, sometimes giving explanation for events we dont understand: sometimes it becomes an attitude of hope: sometimes it is used by churches to align those with different views.  If we have faith then we believe in God.  “Lord increase our faith,” the apostles asked Jesus. Elsewhere they requested, “Lord teach us how to pray” (Lk 11:1). We too ask the Lord for faith as we pray for all the various people and the  things that they need.  For to pray is to focus the heart on God, to love and trust God, to have faith in God’s concern for us. Every prayer is an act of faith in God, and every  time we turn to God in faith, we are praying. It is no more possible to have faith without prayer than to swim without water. But we must try to pray to God in the right spirit. For often we are trying to bring God around to our way of thinking rather than putting our thoughts under God’s guidance waiting to turn ourselves to the way of the Lord. We are told in the Gospel for today that the Lord says; the just shall live by faith—even faith so little it isn’t as big as a mustard seed.

 The apostles implore the Lord Jesus to increase their faith. He makes clear that faith will grow for those who are generous with their time, talents and treasure for the sake of the Lord and the kingdom of heaven. If we keep our eyes on him, the author and finisher of our faith then we realize that the mustard seed of faith will grow and be enriched. It will be enriched when we nourish the mustard seed of faith by prayer both as a community of believers and on our own and when we are generous with our time and our talents in the service of others. As we continue our faith Journeys as we move on let us not be afraid to be people of faith and hope  nourishing that wee Mustard Seed in the days and weeks ahead.




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