Sixth Sunday of Easter


Here we are at the 6th Sunday of Easter soon we will come to Ascension(Jesus returning to the Father) and then the end of the 50 days of the Easter season we get to  Pentecost (The coming of the Holy Spirit sometimes called the Holy Ghost). The Gospel reading for this Sunday tells us that if we love Jesus he will come to us and stay with us and he is with us in so many ways especially in the sacramental life of the church. But he is with us in a particular way in the sacrament of the Eucharist, the body and blood of Christ which is the Bread of life. Jesus also tells us in this Gospel that he gives us his peace which is not of this world. We have only to look at the various war zones in the world such as Iraq and the middle east where so many have lost so much, even the Holy Land where Jesus walked while on earth is at war with Israel and Palestine fighting over so many things.

I think that the Peace that Jesus speaks about is the peace of soul, spirit and mind that comes from knowing that we are all members of the family of God and that God the Father is with us in our daily lives and existence. The Gospel reading for this Sunday also tells us that Jesus will be soon leaving his apostles and yet here we are 2013 years later celebrating the rich inheritance of the faith that has been handed down to us through the generations from Jesus and the Apostles. The faith that has been passed down through the generations to us here and now will continue into the future. As Eastertide comes to an end we see the power and influence of the Spirit growing. This is the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead, and the Spirit who brings the Church to birth at Pentecost which we celebrate in two weeks time. As we journey towards Pentecost – the climax of the Easter Season – we should be considering the presence of the Spirit in the Church today: the reconciler of disputes, the solver of problems, true inspiration for the family of God on our journey to the New Jerusalem!

For us Pentecost is about promise: the Lord at the Last Supper promises that He and the Father will be “at home” with all who keep his words (This includes you and me) – and it is the Advocate, the Holy Spirit who will remind us of these and all his words. Someone once said that the law of gravity and the law of love ultimately have the same source and are both driven by the same spirit, the Holy Spirit. We believe that all Scripture is “inspired” – the word of the Spirit – so as we listen this Sunday let us look for the fulfilment of the promise made by the Lord. 


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One thought on “Sixth Sunday of Easter

  1. Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of Thy faithful…

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