As a person of faith I am sitting here trying to make sense of the awful events of yesterday in Connecticut. After living all my life here in Belfast Northern Ireland with so many horrendous events you might say that we or rather I might be used to this of course none of us are used to these type of events.  Events that have changed so many lives so tragically,  I have a number of nephews and nices who are the same age as the 20 children who died and I know that I feel hurt by this especially as we approach the feast of christmas. what must the families and friends of those so brutally murdered  be feeling if I feel hurt? All I can say is all that I can do in the face of such evil is to offer prayers for the families of those who died yesterday.


Out of the depths we cry to you O lord

O lord hear our voice

Let your ears be attentive to the voice of our pleading for we pray to you for strength 



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