Third Sunday of Easter

Here we are at the third Sunday after Easter already and where have Lent and Holy Week gone? Time stops for no one and it certainly didn’t stop for me and all of us got through Lent, and Holy Week with all their opportunities and challenges. I am very thankful to God for the journey that we began on Ash Wednesday the road we travelled during the days of Lent and our arrival at our first destination that is the day of resurrection that is Easter Sunday on route to Ascension and Pentecost moving forward with our faith in God, in life and living strengthened and maybe for some restored. But as I said above we are travelling along the road that is the road of faith and that road is a lifetimes work from beginning to end and we have to keep on working at it, to nurture it and help it grow. The roadmap we follow is the road map of faith so let us continue on our journey of faith.

In the aftermath of the walk to Emmaus, as Luke recorded, Jesus appeared to his followers, gave them convincing proof of his resurrection, and opened their minds so they could preach with authority about the Messiah.  And down through the ages many have done this right down to the present time. We hope  and pray that many people will take up the call to do the same in every generation into the future.

The appearance of the risen Lord was so new, it was outside the experience and  comprehension of the disciples. They could not interpret the experience; they could not put it into a proper context of time and place. In fact, they were powerless to understand in the sight of what they saw and heard. Only Jesus was able to  validate the experience and supply a proper understanding of it. Many ask what the message of Jesus was and what is his message for us today? We see, hear, and touch Christ today through the sacraments, through shared witness and service to others this is the message of Jesus for us today to see Jesus in the Sacraments and the sacramental life of the Church and be of help to other people and maybe by our example bring them to a knowledge of faith.  As witnesses, the early disciples were charged to tell others what they saw and in a similar way we are told tell people about what we celebrate as Christians.  Over the past two weeks, the Sunday gospels have recalled the confusion and fear caused by the Resurrection. They have also echoed Jesus’ greeting of Shalom that soothed the emotions of the early followers. This Sunday adds a new element to the disciples’ vision experience: a context for understanding. This context would sustain the changes the Church would undergo in its first few generations of believers as it sustains us as the modern Church of today. We, like most Christians, are tempted to take the context for granted.

The Good News might become the old news as many people are looking for the next big thing. To shake off this inclination, let us place ourselves in the company of those who first heard the words of the two from Emmaus when they recognised him in the breaking of the bread and let us pass on the message of the resurrection so that we can say to others as Jesus said to the apostles peace be with you.


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