Our gospel reading from our today’s  Mass told us about the transfiguration of  Jesus who went up the mountain with Peter and James John. What must they have thought when Jesus was transfigured and his clothes became whiter than white, and then the appearance of Elijah and Moses;

I think that it must have been a wonderful experience for the three apostles who witnessed the transfiguration even though they did not fully understand what it meant. This glimpse of Jesus glory was meant to sustain their faith in him during his passion and death. There is no shortcut to the goal which god intends for us. But often when things are difficult, and the long haul feels so very long we too need a vision, a glimpse of the glory that will be ours as faithful sons and daughters of our heavenly Father to keep us going along the road. If we reflect on our lives, we will come across these glimpses and we will be amazed by them as the apostles were on the mountain side of mount tabor. When we realise the glory that awaits us in God than all our struggles in this life will be given meaning and a value.

We also remember all those people who have begun their preparation for baptism on Holy Saturday evening at the Easter Vigil as part of the RICA (More About this Later)


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